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If you are a pet owner in need of professional grooming services in Salem, OR, get in touch with Pet Designs Grooming today. We offer grooming, nail trimming, and even anal gland cleaning services to dogs of all shapes and sizes. To hear more about how our services can keep your pet healthier and happier than ever, call or visit us today!
As a dog owner, your main responsibility is keeping your canine companion healthy. Keeping their coat clean and in good condition and their nails at a reasonable length are central to fulfilling this responsibility. A clean, smooth coat, free of matting or tangles, is key to having a happy and energetic dog. Keeping nails short will prevent foot pain, toe disfiguration, and damage to your home. These simple steps will keep your dog fit and happy and give you peace of mind.
At Pet Designs Grooming, we offer standard grooming and nail trimming services to make sure that your dog is in the best condition they can be. We also offer the more specialized service of anal gland cleaning, which will prevent infections, keep your dog out of pain, and prevent messes and unpleasant smells in your home. This service is all part of our mission to provide impeccable care to dogs everywhere.
To schedule a grooming, trimming, or cleaning appointment, please get in touch with Pet Designs Grooming today. Remember to ask about our 50% off deals when you call!

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